Summer Sock Rocker

Summer Sock Rocker is back! July 24-26. And registration has begun.

Students leave early and spend 2 nights in St. Louis at the Hyatt Regency Downtown. Then it's the arch, Six Flags, St. Louis Zoo, downtown, food, Cardinals baseball game (3 rows from the dirt by the way) and more.

Our purpose? To have fun! We've created a trip for students to kick back and relax, connect in community with other students, and have a blast.

The cost is $120 and covers accommodations, transportation and all activities. Meals are not included.

Spots are limited! So turn in a release form (click the link to the right) quickly to secure your spot!

Blog is Back

Sorry for the hiatus but our blog is back up and running for the summer. Check out our dates for the summer calendar to your right and we'll try and highlight major events here on the blog to keep you updated!

Questions about the Verge Middle School Ministry? Email Brad at brad.evans@fbcbenton.org or Bethany at bethany.elliff@fbcbenton.org.


Fall Retreat

It's here! Questions about Fall Retreat can be sent to brad.evans@fbcbenton.org


New Teaching Series...

It's the question everyone asks...or more essentially, "what does God look like?" Join us over the next few weeks as we answer the questions that middle school students have always wanted answered...

"where did God come from?"

"do I have to have braces in heaven?"

"why did God create evil?"

...and many more!


Mountain Camp

...is here! Registration has begun!

We are thrilled about this year's Mountain Camp...

July 16-19 students will find themselves surrounded by 300 acres of forest and mountains, rolling fields and bending rivers, full of wildlife. A place tucked into the Ozark Mountains, hidden away from the outside world.

A place where they'll have full reign to run wild, swim, dive into river pools, ride horses, shout & sing, and bask in the beauty of God's creation.

A place where they'll sleep in rustic lodges fit for a mountain-man-style king and queen. A place created for a middle school student!

Mountain Camp is 3 glory and worship-filled nights at Shepherd of the Ozarks. We'll be joined again this year by the Jarrett Davis Band!

The cost for Mountain Camp is $280. Cost covers everything, including accommodations, food, all sessions, charter travel, and all activities (excluding horseback and paintball - addtl' cost). Scholarships are available upon request.

A medical release and $100 deposit will secure your spot at the-can't-miss-event of 2012...Mountain Camp! The deadline to register is April 11th.

Questions? Call us at (501) 778 2271 or email us at brad.evans@fbcbenton.org


Sex & Middle Schoolers

It's the time of year we have the students' attention more than any other night of the year. Why? Last night we started our Sex Series.

The Series continues next week as we begin to answer students' questions. If you're interested in a script from last night's teaching please email me at brad.evans@fbcbenton.org and I'll be sure to send you a copy. Also, a parent handout relating to Sex & Scripture is available as a link in the sidebar to your right.

We offered our students the opportunity to ask the questions they've never been able to ask before, with the freedom and anonymity a written question provides. And while several questions we'll try and tackle next week, several questions parent will be intrigued to see, and interested to know we don't believe is our place as a student ministry to answer...

What is sex?
What is oral sex?
How does it feel?
Are there different kinds of sex?
How does it work?
How long does it last?
Does it hurt?

We believe these questions are questions that belong in the home. Questions we'll be talking through are questions asked like...

What do you do if a guy/girl dumps you?
How do you know someone is "the one"?
If you're raped, is that considered sex before marriage?
Is it wrong to date someone older?
Is sex a good thing?
What do you do if the guy you like touches your butt and you don't want them to?
What is too far?
When is a reasonable age to date?
Is it okay to kiss?
What do you do if a guy tries to kiss you but you aren't comfortable with it?
How do you find the right person?
How do you say no?
Why would anyone have sex?
Why would you not have sex?

While I know several parents are apprehensive about us tackling the subject of sex, I firmly believe that students are hearing culture's views about sex and believe that they desperately need to hear what God has to say about sex.

The reality is that the questions above are questions that students have. They will either ask you as parents, or...or they'll ask their friends, guys in the locker room, girls in the hallway at school or at a slumber party, they'll look on the internet or on their phones, or they'll attempt to get their answers from media such as the shows they watch and movies they see. Their questions will be answered. The question is who will answer those questions.

We want to help you talk to your kids. It's our goal as a ministry over the course of this series and the next few weeks to help provide you with as much information and as many resources as we can. We want you to feel as equipped as possible, armed with grace and truth, as you dive into some scary topics. And as always, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

The Verge Middle School Ministry